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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

To whom it may concern:

It is a pleasure for me to write a letter of recommendation for the Jostens company and for, in particular, Jason Baranowski, the representative who works with my school. As the Yearbook Adviser for Briar Woods High School in Loudoun County, I have been working with Jostens since 2013.  Jason’s advice, his knowledge, and his natural skills in working with teenagers has proven to be a winning combination for our production.

Our school began the interview process for a new yearbook company at the end of the scholastic year of 2013.  We had been disappointed with our previous company – specifically the quality of the product and the customer service.  With my small class of Photojournalism students, I determined that it would be best to include them in the interview process for a new company.  Several teams presented materials and information, but my students unanimously voted to have Jostens and Jason be our rep. for the upcoming year.  It was clear that this company would be able to provide the support and product we expected. It was also clear that Jason would be a welcome and knowledgeable addition.

We are now into our second year with Jostens, and Jason has proven himself to be invaluable.  His expertise in the online software and other tools such as Photoshop have enabled him to help train my staff and to provide support when needed.  He is willing to work with our team during workshops, has helped us through summer training at various locations, and provided advice and insight on themes, designs and content. More importantly perhaps, my students look forward to his visits because he is a genuine person and treats them as the young adults they are, valuing their thoughts and ideas. He encourages them and he listens to them.  This past year, my students really wanted to have a yearbook cover that stood out from their past ones.  Jason understood, and helped them brainstorm ideas, working with the plant to ensure that they had a book they were proud of.

If I can provide any further information about Jostens or Jason, please feel free to contact me.


Cristina Mai
English and Photojournalism teacher
Briar Woods High School
22525 Belmont Ridge Rd.
Ashburn, VA 20148


Recommendation letter from CJE (Certified Journalism Educator), Claire Burke
(click here for the PDF)

Adviser’s ‘quick’ quotes:
“…Additionally, we have sold 507 yearbooks!!!!!…. BTW- I think this is a record for us in yearbooks sold by this time. I love the mailings! Thanks!”
Fairfax County Middle School, New to working with Jason@Jostens (email Jason for more details) 

I just finished flowing the portraits and I just had to send you an email as to how easy and fantastic it was to flow them using the Jostens site.  Even when I didn’t catch all the doubles of portrait pictures it was just so easy to reset and flow again!! I’m so glad that we switched! 🙂

Hope you had a great New Year’s!!”

Emily Williams
Yearbook Adviser


“We worked with another company last year and it made me appreciate Jostens so much more! Your program is SO easy to use compared to the other company. I am actually pretty good with technology and figuring out stuff on computers, but I was pulling my dang hair out last year because nothing was logical. Agh! I wish I could remember all the specific details about what made it so horrible, but I was miserable last year as yearbooker. And now, I’m actually having fun again doing it.” Adviser, elementary school in Arlington, VA

Robious Middle School – read about the one of a kind and whimsical yearbook experience
Patrick Henry High School
– Ashland, VA – adviser’s letter
Appomattox Regional Governor’s School – Peterburg, VA – adviser’s letter

More success stories and testimonials available upon request and posting soon.

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