Training Videos


Thank you Lauren Logsdon for these AWESOME YTO training videos!


YBA Login Screen 

Homepage 101

Creating Staff Login

Digital Classroom

Adding Fonts

Selecting a Color Palette

Setting Styles

Image Library – Creating Folders

Image Library – Uploading and Tagging

Page Ladder 101

Page Designer – Grids, Guides and the Pasteboard 

Page Designer – Templates

Page Designer – Practice Pages

Page Designer – Snap to Grid feature

Page Designer – Top Toolbar 101 

Page Designer – Top Toolbar In Depth

Page Designer – Palettes Overview

Page Designer – Designs Tab 101

Page Designer – Images Tab 101

Page Designer – Format Tab 101

Sell – Sales Dashboard

Sell – Set Up Offers

Sell – How to Enter YB Sales

Sell – Reading Yearbook Sales Reports


Before You Flow: Proof and Edit Names

Portrait Flow 101 (entire grade)

Portrait Flow 101: Elementary (individual class)

Flow Troubleshooting: Names out of order

A more detailed online tutorial of the portrait editing/flowing process with Jostens YTO:


Page Submission: Running for Errors

Page Submission: Submitting Pages from the Page Designer

Page Submission: Submitting Pages from the Page Ladder



Page Designer Tips & Tricks: The Red X

Page Designer Tips & Tricks: Text Wrapping

Page Designer Tips & Tricks: Creating a Pie Chart for YBA

Page Designer Tips & Tricks: Creating a Drop Cap

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